MetaHuman Creator Overview

Overview of the MetaHuman Creator features and functionality


MetaHuman Creator is a free, cloud-streamed tool you can use to create your own digital humans in an intuitive, easy-to-learn environment. Using MetaHuman Creator, you can customize your digital avatar's hairstyle, facial features, height, body proportions, and more.

This page provides a high-level overview of the MetaHuman Creator system requirements, features, and functionality.

MetaHuman Creator Requirements

MetaHuman Creator runs in the cloud and is streamed to your browser using pixel streaming technology. To run MetaHuman Creator, your computer needs to meet the following system requirements:

  • Windows or macOS operating system.

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari-based web browser.

  • Internet access.

In addition, you will need an Epic Games account to create and download MetaHumans. Your MetaHumans are associated with your Epic Games account, which means you can work on them seamlessly across browsers and computers.

To download the various Assets of the MetaHumans you create, you will also need Quixel Bridge. How you access Quixel Bridge depends on the version of Unreal Engine you're using:

  • If you use Unreal Engine 4, download and install the Quixel Bridge standalone app.

  • If you use Unreal Engine 5, enable the Quixel Bridge plugin, and then access it from the Main Toolbar by selecting Content > Quixel Bridge.

    Enabling Quixel Bridge in Unreal Engine 5

    Enabling Quixel Bridge in Unreal Engine 5.

Accessing MetaHuman Creator

  • Sign up for early access to the MetaHuman Creator tool here.

  • If you already have access, you can access MetaHuman Creator here.

Creating your First MetaHuman

MetaHuman Creator contains a diverse selection of preset characters, or Presets, which you can use as a starting point for creating your own custom MetaHumans. When you open MetaHuman Creator for the first time, you'll see a gallery of Presets. Select one to begin, then click the Next button to start customizing them.

Creating a MetaHuman from a Preset. Click the image for full size.

For an in-depth guide on how to create a MetaHuman from a Preset, refer to the


MetaHuman Creator Interface

After you select a MetaHuman Preset and click Next, they will immediately open in the MetaHuman Creator.

MetaHuman Creator interface

MetaHuman Creator interface. Click the image for full size.

The MetaHuman Creator interface is divided into the following areas:





Title bar

Contains a quick link to return to the My MetaHumans gallery, your character's name, and Help, Undo, and Redo buttons.


MetaHuman attributes and properties selection

Lists all customizable attributes for your MetaHumans, divided into three major groups: Face, Hair, and Body. Each of these attributes can be further customized by setting various properties.


Viewport lighting and quality settings

Contains lighting and environment controls, camera settings, rendering and LOD controls, buttons to toggle hair and clay material on / off, and a shortcut to hide the Hotkey Reference panel.


Rendered preview of your MetaHuman

Previews your MetaHuman in real time.


Hotkey Reference panel

Displays a list of keyboard and mouse controls for the MetaHuman Creator.


Sculpting and animation controls

Toggles between different editing modes for your MetaHuman (Blend, Move, and Sculpt). Also contains buttons to start, pause, and stop preview animations, as well as an animation scrub timeline and a menu where you can select different preview animations.

For an in-depth guide of the MetaHuman Creator interface, refer to the


Working with Custom MetaHumans

All the MetaHumans you create are automatically saved to your My MetaHumans gallery. From here, you can select a MetaHuman to edit. When you edit a MetaHuman, your changes are saved in real time. However, there might be a slight delay in your changes being saved if your Internet connection is slow or unstable.

The My MetaHumans gallery has two additional buttons: Duplicate, which creates a copy of the selected MetaHuman, and Delete, which deletes the selected MetaHuman.

Deleting a MetaHuman is permanent and cannot be undone.

For an in-depth guide on how to edit custom MetaHumans, refer to the Editing a MetaHuman page.

MetaHuman Creator In-Depth Guides

Refer to the pages below to learn more about the different areas of MetaHuman Creator.

After you've created some custom MetaHumans, refer to the Getting Started with MetaHumans in Unreal Engine page for a quick guide on how to bring your MetaHumans into Unreal Engine and start using them in your projects.

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