Overview of DNAViewer in the DNA Calibration tool.


DNAViewer contains all the required classes for reading and creating a functional rig in Maya from the DNA file. Every DNAViewer option is configurable so you can get the exact results you want.

UI Scene Creation in Maya

The dna_viewer_run_in_maya.py file demonstrates how to use a GUI window in Maya to create a scene with a functional rig in a non-programmatic manner.

GUI Presentation

The GUI displays some of the key parameters available for display, control, and assembly. The components of the GUI are explained below.







Path to the DNA file you want to inspect and/or build a rig from.


Build options

Choose what parts you want to build for each LOD:

  • Joints: The skeletal component of the rig.

  • BlendShapes: The BlendShapes representing various expressions.

  • Skin: Skinning (weight maps) for the mesh-to-joints binding.

  • RigLogic: The operator connecting facial parameters so they control all other parts of the rig.


GUI path

Choose a specific in-scene GUI that contains selectable controls (for example, a Face Board) to link to the control parameters.


Analog GUI path

The analog GUI, much like the GUI, is used to bring in an in-scene GUI for controls, but only affects eye direction.


After-assembly script path

(Optional) Choose a script to run after the assembly completes. These are commonly used for final tweaks or to add metadata that your pipeline needs.

Selecting a DNA File

After you select a DNA file and load it, the DNA Viewer window displays a summary of its contents as an LOD hierarchy with mesh children. From here, you can select the subset of LODs you want to keep, as well as their contents if you don't need all the meshes in each LOD.

Processing a DNA File

After you select the LODs you want to keep and their contents, click Process. The scene is then populated with all the selected elements and connected to the appropriate controls.

The screenshot below shows an example assembly that only contains joints:

Below, you can see a full assembly of everything in a DNA file, including GUIs:

Select Skin
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