Downloading and Exporting MetaHumans

Generate and download MetaHuman Assets from Quixel Bridge, then export them to Unreal Engine 5 and Maya.


To use MetaHumans in Unreal Engine or Maya, you must first download all of the required files and Assets from Quixel Bridge.

The pages in this section cover the following:

  • The required setup before you can download and export MetaHumans.

  • How to generate and download a MetaHuman's Assets.

  • How to export the MetaHuman from Quixel Bridge.

Exporting and working locally with MetaHuman Assets is supported on the following platforms:

  • Unreal Engine 5: Windows and macOS

  • Maya: Windows only

While exporting MetaHumans may work on other platforms, you may experience issues or instability, and we cannot guarantee the results.

For notes and information about how to work with legacy MetaHumans in Unreal Engine 4, refer to the Legacy Documentation section.

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