MetaHuman Creator User Guide

A guided tour of the MetaHuman Creator features and functionality


The MetaHuman Creator provides a way to create your own digital human representations in an intuitive and easy-to-learn environment. You can customize many aspects of your MetaHumans, including facial features, hair styles, body types, and more.

This guide provides a high-level overview of the features and controls available in MetaHuman Creator.

MetaHuman Creator interface

The MetaHuman Creator interface consists of the following areas:

  1. Title bar

  2. MetaHuman attributes and properties selection

  3. Viewport lighting and quality settings

  4. Rendered preview of your MetaHuman

  5. MetaHuman Creator controls reference

  6. Sculpting and animation controls toolbar

Working with MetaHuman Presets and Custom Characters

When you open the MetaHuman Creator, you will see two tabs:

  • Create MetaHuman: Select a MetaHuman Preset to start customizing them.

  • My MetaHumans: Continue working on a custom MetaHuman you previously created.

Create MetaHuman and My MetaHumans tabs

Choosing a MetaHuman Preset

The MetaHuman Creator provides a number of diverse premade characters, called Presets, which you can use as starting points for your own characters.

To start editing a MetaHuman Preset, select them from the Create MetaHuman tab. Once you've selected a Preset, you can use the preview panel to inspect that character. The following controls are available:

  • Middle-click and drag left / right to rotate the character.

  • 1 through 6 keys on your keyboard to cycle through preset camera positions.

  • Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

  • Hold down the L key and move the mouse to change the lighting.

This video demonstrates how to preview a MetaHuman Preset.

After you've made your selection, click the Next button to create a copy of this Preset and start editing it. Your Preset will immediately load in the Creator tool.

MetaHumans you create are associated with your Epic Games account, which you can also use to sign in to Quixel Bridge. Use Bridge to download your MetaHumans' source assets and export downloaded MetaHumans to Unreal Engine or Maya.

For more information, see Downloading and Exporting MetaHumans User Guide.

The topmost toolbar is the MetaHuman Title Bar. Here, you can:

  • Click the Home button to return to your My MetaHumans gallery.

  • Rename your MetaHuman (note that you can only use ASCII characters).

  • Undo and redo previous actions.

MetaHuman Creator title bar

Modifying a Previously Created MetaHuman

All the MetaHumans you create are automatically saved to your My MetaHumans gallery. From here, you can select a MetaHuman to edit, duplicate, or delete.

To continue work on a MetaHuman you created, select them and choose Edit Selected.

When you edit a MetaHuman, your changes are saved in real time.

Click the Duplicate button to create a copy of the selected MetaHuman. To remove a MetaHuman, click the Delete button.

Deleting a MetaHuman is permanent and cannot be undone.

MetaHuman Viewport Controls and Toolbars

Use the Viewport Controls and Toolbars to control and configure:

  • Lighting properties, such as indoor, outdoor, or studio lighting.

  • Quality settings for your MetaHuman character mesh, which you can use to preview your MetaHuman at different Levels of Detail (LOD).

  • MetaHuman preview animations.

You can also use blend and move controls to change your MetaHuman's facial appearance.

MetaHuman Creator Blend controls

For more information about these properties and their usage, see the MetaHuman Creator Viewport Controls User Guide page.

MetaHuman Face Controls

Use the Face controls to configure your MetaHuman's facial characteristics, such as:

  • Skin tone

  • Skin accents

  • Eye color and look

  • Teeth shape and style

  • Makeup

MetaHuman Creator eye attributes

For details about these properties and their usage, see the MetaHuman Creator Face User Guide page.

MetaHuman Hair Controls

Use the Hair controls to configure your MetaHuman's:

  • Hairstyle

  • Eyebrows

  • Eyelashes

  • Facial hair (beard and mustache)

MetaHuman Creator hair attributes

For details about these properties and their usage, see the MetaHuman Creator Hair User Guide page.

MetaHuman Body Type and Clothing Selections

Use the Body controls to configure your MetaHuman's height, body proportion, and clothing.

MetaHuman Creator body attributes

For details about these properties and their usage, see the MetaHuman Creator Body User Guide page.

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