Exporting MetaHumans to Autodesk Maya

A guide for exporting a MetaHuman to Autodesk Maya.

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This guide walks you through the steps to export a MetaHuman character from Quixel Bridge to Autodesk Maya. After this, you will know how to send content from Quixel Bridge to a running instance of Maya with the click of a button.


  1. In the MetaHumans filter, click on a MetaHuman asset tile. In the information panel that opens on the right side of the window, click on the Settings (gear) icon and select Export Settings.


  2. Under the Export Target tab, use the dropdown next to Export Target to select Maya from the list. This sets the active export application being used when clicking Export in the information panel.


    Quixel Bridge content library supports many different DCC applications through plugins. However, MetaHumans only support Unreal Engine and Maya.

  3. Click Install Plugin.


  4. Press the Back button to go back to the information panel.


  5. Open Maya.

  6. Click Export in Quixel Bridge.


    A pop-up message will appear in Quixel Bridge indicating that assets are being exported. The message will change upon successful export.


    If Maya isn't open, an error message will appear if you try to export a MetaHuman while it is selected as the Export Target. Also, keep in mind that the Download Settings > Models for MetaHumans needs to be set to UAsset + Source Asset to export correctly.


  7. A pop up dialog will ask you to confirm importing the MetaHuman into a new Maya scene.


    Clicking Yes will replace the current scene in Maya with a new one that contains your MetaHuman. If you already have a scene open in Maya that has unsaved data, it will be lost.

    After clicking Yes, a import progress window opens.


Once the export process from Quixel Bridge to Maya completes, your new Maya scene will look something like this with your MetaHuman:


When you export your MetaHuman, you only get some of the assets which includes the Face Rig. Clothing, hair, and body rig are not part of the assets that are included.

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